I’ve just been reloaded

Finally I too went to see Reloaded. We went to a particularly cozy little cinema in Delft called The Apollo. This is a “Service Bioscoop”, meaning that you have a little table in front of you and can press a button to have a waiter pop by and serve your favourite drinks and snacks. Smoking is also allowed. As we haven’t been taking part in this in- and exhalation-driven activity for a while now, this point isn’t so high up on the list of advantages, but it definitely does contribute to the cozy atmosphere. We will most definitely be going back there… In case you were wondering: No, the big screens and digital sound systems of the surrounding cities are unable to drag us away from our beloved Delft, thank you. There’s nothing like taking a relaxed walk back home from the cinema along a Delftse gracht.

Iiiiiin anycase, I thoroughly enjoyed this film. Wanting to read someone else’s interpretation afterwards, I stumbled upon this much quoted analysis: Corporate Mofo Reloads The Matrix. It’s short but chock-full of philosophical goodness. If you haven’t read it already, it’s definitely worth at least five of your precious minutes.